Privacy Policy





Here we’ve gathered information on how we collect, store and use your personal information. Because we care about your privacy.

1. Registry Holder

 Aitomation Oy
Miestentie 9
02150 Espoo, Finland

2. Introduction

This Privacy Policy describes the type of Personal Data collected by Aitomation as well the purpose for which Aitomation collects data.

3. Definitions

“Aitomation” refers to Aitomation Oy, a Finnish limited liability company [2916056-9]. “Personal Data” refers to information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. Aitomation collects personal information from Data Subjects for the purposes stated below. “Data Subject” refers to the subject that provides personal information to Aitomation. “Consent” refers to the Data Subject’s given consent to Aitomation to process the Data Subject’s Personal Data.

4. What information does Aitomation collect and for what purpose?

4.1 Recruitment

For recruitment purposes Aitomation may collaborate with third party service provider. Information gathered for recruitment purposes from the candidate will be collected by the third-party service provider and processed by the third-party service provider. Aitomation may change the third-party service provider if necessary. The data submitted by the Data Subject for recruitment purposes will only be available to the people taking part in the recruitment process. The data will be removed once it is no longer relevant for recruitment purposes unless the applicant gives consent to store the data for future references.

4.2 Sales and Marketing

For sales and marketing purposes Aitomation collects contact information such as name, e-mail address and phone numbers to clients and prospective clients. Collected information is only stored as long as the information is relevant and then removed. Aitomation uses third-party secured platforms for information storage.

5. Information security

Aitomation only collects necessary Personal Data and does not store it longer than necessary. Aitomation only transfers and stores collected data in accordance with applicable relevant regulations. In the event of a merger or a sale of Aitomation, relevant client information may be transferred to the acquiring party. Confidentiality regarding all Personal Data will be guaranteed through a non-disclosure agreement with the acquiring party. Personal information may upon demand from authority or court order be transferred to authorities or an administrator of justice based on statutory prerequisite.

6. Rights of the Data Subject

The Data Subject has the right to be informed about the Personal Data Aitomation has collected from the Data Subject. For marketing purposes, the Data Subject has the right to choose not to receive direct marketing. Upon request by the Data Subject, the right to be forgotten may be applicable, also the Data Subject may request to have the Personal Data moved to another data controller or processor. According to applicable law, as Data Subject you are entitled to the following rights:

6.1 Right to withdraw consent

The Data Subject has the right to withdraw consent at any time. For example, if you have given consent to direct marketing, you can revise it at any time.

6.2 Right to access to information

The Data Subject has the right upon request to obtain information regarding the processing of one’s Personal Data and access to it. The Data Subject also has the right to be informed of the purpose and use of the collected Personal Data.

6.3 Right to rectification

If the Data Subject discovers inaccuracy in the collected data, the Data Subject has the right to ask for rectification of the information.

6.4 Right to be forgotten

In certain situations, the Data Subject has the right to be forgotten. Upon request, we may remove all the Personal Data we have collected from the Data Subject, if the Personal Data is no longer needed for the purpose it was originally collected or if there is no legal ground that obligates Aitomation to store the information. We will also remove your Personal Data if the data has been collected based on consent from the Data Subject or if the Data Subject otherwise resists the processing of one’s Personal Data, if there is no other basis for the processing of the Personal Data.

6.5 Right to deny direct marketing

The Data Subject has the right at any time to deny direct marketing.

6.6 Right to data portability

The Data Subject has the right to ask for its Personal Data to be moved. In this situation, Aitomation will deliver to the Data Subject its Personal Data in machine-readable format to enable personal storage of the information or transfer to another data controller or data processor. Upon request from the Data Subject, Aitomation may also transfer the Data Subject’s Personal Data, if this is technically feasible. This is however only possible in situations where Aitomation has retrieved the Data Subject’s personal information based on consent or based on another form of agreement with Aitomation.


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