What can Aitomation
do for you?

Are you a CEO? CFO ? Perhaps CIO, business owner, controller or in charge of an operations center? In Financial Services or Telco business with high volume processes? Or in charge of a supply chain with heavy information flows?

If so,  Aitomation has definitely something to offer you. With Aitomation services you are able to automate knowledge work in your business processes with low code – low cost IT-solutions. And getting the best out of AI+Robots+Cloud+Lean as integrated tools for your business. We will build you competitive edge with rapidly developed modern solutions customized for your business.

We will help you to:

Define business objectives

Clear goals are necessity for real results. Process analysis with Lean and Mean iteration against your business targets, is the best way to understand what you really could aim for, and what is the biz benefit.

Identify opportunities

Based on the initial goal setting and analysis - the next phase is to dig into the reality. Data analysis tells the truth when it comes to your business possibilities and pain points. Combined with the new tech possibilities.

Find the right tools & tech

You have already made significant amount of IT-investments! Let's take a good look and find low code enhancements, that help your current situation and future biz development best.

Automate manual work

We do it in real life! Consulting and planning is half the solution. Real benefits need implementation, IT-solutions and real use. Along with true understanding of your business targets and possibilities.

We aim for 3-12 month payback time for your investment

We start with defining the business targets of your process. When the targets are set, process is checked from the endcustomer perspective.  After that, we check it through a data-lens. Key to well performing process is understanding the information flow. Based on our analysis, the process is simplified and automated plus we divide the work between human and the machine.  

Implementation of the automation, or as we call it: aitomation, is based on fit-for-purpose set of tools and modern rapid development platforms, which are optimated for your use cases. Using your current IT-solutions as the basis.

We build capability for longer term continuous improvement cycle for your business. Boosting your existing IT-investments.

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