We are the Aitomation!

Aitomation wants to help you to find the low cost – low code IT-boosted process solutions to upgrade your business and processes to the next level – with the latest IT-tools, methods and platforms.  Anybody can use the buzz-words. Only a few are able to turn strategic goals into modern solutions, and get real business benefits and competitive edge out of AI, RPA, Cloud and Lean.

Our experience comes from real life corporate roles. We know what it takes to minimize the effort and maximize the benefits when it comes to developing processes and boosting them with new technologies. It’s not about maximizing your development budget. It’s about finding out where to focus your efforts. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Pasi Pölönen

Business Strategist
Founding partner

Pasi’s passion is to turn business strategies into modern and automated digital services.  He glues together the real life processes and the possibilities of modern technology available. 

Petri Ketola

Business Technologist
Founding partner

Petri has the managing director mindset with strong IT-twist. Petri thinks like a CTO/CIO and what makes him really tick is to find out how to create competitive edge with new technologies.

Johanna Vehniäinen

Automation Specialist
Solution architect

Johanna loves automating processes and solving complicated process problems with various tech tools. She is a practical hands on person who creates new solutions for both old and new challenges.

Aleksanteri Aaltonen

Software Generalist
CTO, partner

Aleksanteri is THE overall  IT-handyman. It does not matter if you need help in human centric UI/UX, hardware hackering  or  Azure – he knows it all. Besides being a .NEt-, DevOps- and AWS-guru, he is truly the full stack developer you have always dreamed of!

Noora Torpo

Data Analyst

Noora is the mathematician master mind in the team. Data, algorithms and system science is her passion. She thrives on problem solving by building practical solutions with our low-code tools.

Tero Tomukorpi

Process Analyst
Bravedo channel manager

Tero is the process guru in the team. He believes that process development for business is, what power lifting is for your body. Tero knows that sustainable results will be gained with data, analysis and pragmatic Lean-approach.

Elisa Lukin

Service Designist
RPA developer

Elisa is passionate about business process modeling and data visualization. She is the true “Curious AI” for biz processes:  a RPA developer with a touch of a service designer and CRM/ERP-consultant in the same package. 


The next Aitomation
team member?

Passionate about lean business and reshaping processes? Automation or analyst guru with strong business and IT-background? Hands on developer with AI-experience? Join the team!

Tero Vyyryläinen

Digitalization Agilist
Solution Architect

Tero is our man for complex solutions integrations. Besides being a Microsoft-guru  among his other skills, Tero is fascinated by AI frameworks and  low code platforms.  And while doing the everyday tasks he actively monitors new emerging technologies.